Local Shrimpers to Get Federal Relief

Florida's shrimpers, clammers and crabbers were hit hard by last winter's cold temperatures, recording up to $28 million in losses.

Now Gov. Jeb Bush is requesting federal help. Tied up boats and an empty freezer, all signs of a dying industry. Tim Saunders is a shrimper who can't afford to leave the dock, he blames the economy and winter freezes.

If the White House declares recent freezes a major disaster, assistance is on the way, but some shrimpers say that's not enough.

“The shrimp, we can't compete with china, they are putting us out of business with imports, and diesel prices, we can't hardly work,” says Franklin County shrimper Travis Millender.

That's the case at Saunders Seafood as it downsized its staff of 35 to just employees.

And before long you'll be out of business. A grim reality for many of these shrimpers.