26th Annual Morven Peach Festival Attracts A Lot More than Peaches

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By Eames Yates
May 18, 2013

Morven, GA -

Saturday's peach festival in Morven has been going on for twenty six years. Hundreds of people from around the country come for the fruit and the fun. But there's another draw... Alligator.

Gator Chef Chris Proctor said "don't wait till later to get your gator, makes you flip flop, skip hop and run around the block."

He sold about two hundred pounds of alligator during the festival. For many first timers all it takes is one taste before they're hooked.

One little girl said "it tastes like good chicken!" Stephanie Lamons of Barwick said "they're crunchy, they're tender, they're good! [laughs] All I can say, they're good. The ice cream, everything up here is good, it's like an eating festival not a peach festival!"

Dozens of vendors sold everything from fresh lemonade to samurai swords. But not everything was for sale... [shot of sign that says Free Prayers]. The Morven United Methodist Church offered a prayer to anyone that asked.

John Harrington is the Morven United Methodist Church pastor. He said "we've had several people, believe it or not, come up during the day and ask for prayer for a family member or someone in their family or friend that's in trouble. And I've been amazed it's been great."

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