Town Discovers Reimbursement Plan

A local town finds a way to get reimbursed for expenses used on public safety emergency calls.

Whenever Live Oak police or firefighters are called to an accident or fire, that costs money.

The city of Live Oak has found a way to alleviate some of those expenses through the "Cost Recovery Ordinance."

Jan Parkhurst, Director of Finance for the city of Live Oak, said, "It's not necessarily a cost that we should incur. The responsibility lies with the people that were driving the car, whosever fault it was. Then we transfer that cost back to the insurance company that covers it."

The ordinance will allow Cost Recovery Corporation out of Ohio to collect fees from insurance companies of individuals or companies for emergency calls.

The insurance companies reimburse the city for time and materials used. The money will help purchase the fire department a ladder truck.

Chad Croft, Live Oak Fire Chief, said, "Our tallest ladder that we carry currently on the fire trucks are 35-foot ground ladders."

Live Oak's fire chief says the need for a ladder truck is more critical now than ever, now that the city is raising the building height limit from 35 to 70 feet high.

The chief added, "We've had several downtown fires with an estimated dollar of around six million dollars. The need for a ladder truck has been great for the past 30, 40 years."

It's estimated the cost recovery ordinance will raise about $160,000.