Tornado Donations Needed

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Last week's devastating and deadly tornado in South Georgia left many without homes, or even shirts on their backs. Now, they could use a helping hand.

Georgia emergency management officials estimate damages from last week's tornado to be in the millions.

Now many who lost loved ones as well as all their belongings are finding the well dry when it comes to donations.

The sign says 300 products lie on this table, but from the looks of it, it's more like seven. Slim pickins to choose from for residents like Arlesia Lawhorne, who lost everything to last week's raging twister.

"We've been going from place to place trying to get what we can, I have three sons who need shirts and pants,” says Lawhorne.

But shirts, pants, you name it, are scarce commodities at this make do, recovery center, in fact donations are so low, GEMA director Hew Lipscomb says he can't remember the donations at any tragic relief center being this bad.

"Back here in 2000, we had dozens of semi's rolling in here and it was great, now, I haven't even heard the sound of a semi-yet,” Lipscomb says.

It might not be the sound of a semi, but the sound of gratitude coming from the mouth of Kenneth Thomas, who says at this.

"You just got to make the best with what you got and at this point you realize how important it is to you,” Thomas explains.

If you would like Thomas make a donation, call 229-336-2363 or 229-336-2362.