Students Rally for Tougher Seat Belt Law

Dozens of high school students converged on Tallahassee to urge lawmakers to pass a tougher seat belt law. Their 16-year-old classmate died when she was thrown from a vehicle in a crash last month and hit by another car.

She was not wearing a seat belt. Her friends say the tragedy has taught them a painful lesson about the importance of wearing seat belts.

Jennifer Johnson, a student, said, “When I got a phone call and I heard about it, that’s when it really hit home. That’s when it really hit us. We’re losing somebody who we eat lunch with, who we see in the courtyards, we hang out during class, and now it’s like, we go to lunch and she’s not there. We go to class and she’s not there. It’s hard. It gets harder and harder every day.”

A bill that would allow police to pull motorists of any age over if they’re not buckled up is still awaiting a vote.