Gadsden County Hospital

It's been a wait and see approach for Gadsden County residents who've been left without medical help since the hospital and the local clinic in Gretna closed its doors.

Charles Grimes, a Gadsden County resident, said, "It's sad because we need a clinic and a hospital. People need medical help, need to travel a long way just to go to the doctor and get seen or whatever; it's a sad situation. We need the hospital to be reopened back for the community.”

County officials are hearing the message loud and clear and they've been working diligently to provide quality care to Gadsden County residents, but they had to wait on the bankruptcy court to get the go-ahead.

County Manager Marlon Brown said, "The judge has allowed us the ability to get the license transferred to the county. The order has not been released and signed in terms of the actual details. What's in the order, we don't know at this time, but we know the license will be transferred to the county."

A hospital that now sits vacant and abandoned is waiting for county officials to find some way to breathe life into the establishment.

The urgent care facility is a priority for county officials. It's an opportunity to get residents medical care.

County officials are working with legislators to see if they can find funding to reopen the clinic in Gretna.