Local H.S. Student Takes Advantage of Early Graduation

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Unlike other high school juniors, Mikaila Herold has made the decision to graduate early.

For students like Makaila at Chiles High School, the opportunity became available just last year.

"I heard about it when I was a sophomore and a lot of people told me it was probably not a good idea. I wasn't able to get into colleges. I mean, I haven't had any problems. I just crammed a whole lot of classes into a less amount of time and I took two English classes one time last year. So I'm just doing it," said Herold.

Right now, high schoolers have the choice to either graduate early as a junior with 18 credits or as a senior with the regular 24 credits. After graduation, Mikaila says she wants to continue working with horses.

"I really wanted to make a career with horses and I wanted to get out. I already had a position in Destin with my trainer, so I had the opportunity to get out a year early, so I wanted to pursue that. I'm already a year ahead of everyone else, so when I do go back to college I can have a year to do this and then go back to college," said Herold, who plans to hopefully make it to the Olympics.

Those high school students interested in early graduation can contact their school counselor.