Tallahassee Police Crack Down on Prostitution

Tallahassee police say the illegal sex trade is a problem in Tallahassee, and our cameras got a firsthand look into the situation. Our crews followed the Tallahassee Police Department's Vice Unit as they worked to crack down on street level prostitution in the northwest side of town Thursday afternoon.

Four prostitution arrests were made in the hour and a half our cameras were with the squad. The officers said it's the same story time and time again.

SGT Dave Ferrell of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "They are crack cocaine addicts, chasing crack cocaine and are willing to do whatever they can do to get it."

It's a willingness that's proven extremely dangerous. The girls often fall victim to violence and abuse.

SGT Ernie Stoll of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "Along with these activities comes all the other problems associated with drug activities, violent acts against them, robberies, the proliferation of the drug trade."

The officers say they've tried to help several of the girls get into rehabilitation programs. It's not always a success, but sometimes the girls do turn their lives around.

Nine women and three men were charged during Thursday afternoon's sting.