Florida Death in Iraq Hits Close to Home

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News that Floridian, Lance Corporal David Fribley was one of the first marines killed in Iraq came to the state capitol early in the day.

Gov. Jeb Bush says his death brings the war close to home.

"This is a sad time, I'm so proud of the sacrifices and the heroism of our enlisted men and women that serve from Florida. We are doing everything we can to provide some consolation to their families,” says Gov. Jeb Bush.

One hundred thousand full time military reservists call Florida home, and when someone becomes a casualty who lives in Florida, it brings shock and sadness to those here at the Capitol.

Upstairs the House paused as it began its daily session to pray for those involved in Iraq. And, lawmakers also took a moment of silence to notice the bravery of captured chief warrant officer David Williams of Orlando.

"His helicopter went down just 60 miles south of Baghdad, and an intense battle with the Iraqi republican guard,” Rep. Johnnie Byrd shares.

A yellow ribbon sits on the empty desk of State Rep. Cary Baker of Mt. Dora. Baker's National Guard unit is in Kuwait. Signs supporting the war adorn many of the desks in a chamber that is being brought together across party lines in support of the nations troops.