Commissioners and President Make Plans for Southside

Tuesday, Grippa called a meeting with President Fred Gainous to discuss the future of FAMU’s surroundings.

County leaders say this may be the perfect time to "strike" up a plan.

For years, Leon County commissioner Bill Proctor has been pushing for revitalization of the south side, but Proctor feels he now has a beat to work with.

To get things started, fellow county Commissioner Tony Grippa called a meeting with FAMU President Dr. Fred Gainous.

Grippa says Gainous' initiative is a breath of fresh air. Of the 61,000 residents living on the south side, 49 percent are living below the poverty level, and 19 percent are unemployed.

Dr. Gainous says FAMU has the resources to help.

“We have people trained to assist, I believe this is the time for FAMU, for all citizens,” Dr. Gainous comments.

And currently, the county is discussing a plan to relocate the north Florida fairgrounds, and create a business district there on the south side.