Mosquito Control in Valdosta

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A City of Valdosta truck has begun the time consuming task of spraying for adult mosquitoes.

Weather permitting, it will cover the entire city every eight days.

Mayor James Rainwater says the city cannot fight the battle alone.

"We've got to have some help from the residents themselves, they've got to empty the containers that hold water, the tires, the flower pots, all these types of things to help prevent mosquitoes from hatching,” Mayor Rainwater says.

And while the mosquito problem has come early this year, biologists say there are no signs of any serious health problems.

Blackmore's biology students have been collecting mosquitoes for about a week now, and he says there are probably as many mosquitoes right now as there was in the peak of last year's bug season.

He also says the spraying will help reduce the number of mosquitoes, but people will need to take a few precautions.

And this mosquito spraying effort will continue throughout the mosquito season, and the sprayings usually take place between 6 p.m. and sunset.