3rd Infantry Wife

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Thousands of soldiers are trying to secure our nation's homeland, many miles away.

And at the forefront of it all, hundreds of men and women of the 3rd Infantry.

Thousands of Americans across the country are glued to their TVs to watch as troops continue to fight the war in Iraq.

But Marie Franklin and her family say watching, waiting, any news, is harder than they ever expected.

A missed call from miles away, and all Marie Franklin and her eight-month-old son Isaac can do is wait for any news of how 3rd Infantry specialist Michael Franklin Jr. is doing as he fights on the frontlines of war.

"It's scary to me the thought he may not come home, it's a possibility and I have to believe he is coming home,” says wife Marie Franklin.

But coming home for this brave soldier may take some time, time Marie and Michael’s uncle Darryl say they have plenty of.

But with any war, these two fear death is a harsh reality Michael may face.

"He's tough and has a good heart, but he's fighting and doing what he's gotta do for his country,” says loving uncle Darryl Beatty.

And while Michael fights for his country, Marie says she'll continue to display pictures, badges, mementos her husband adores. Like this angel, an angel Marie says she envisions guarding her husband-every step of the way.