Seven Arrested in Meth Lab Bust; What You Should Look For

Four more names have been released in a weekend meth lab bust, bringing the total number of arrests to seven.

A tip helped lead to the mega meth bust. Authorities want others to know what to look for. A phone call from a resident helped Leon County sheriff's deputies shut down a methamphetamine lab.

Some neighbors had no idea.

Gina Averett, a Ringneck Road resident, said, "I was shocked. We just moved into the neighborhood last week. I was pleased to see that the Leon County Sheriff's Office had found the bad guys and took care of the problem."

Seven people were arrested on various charges after the tip led deputies to 13092 Ringneck Road: Alan and Steve Ralston, Ron Cook, Natalie Eve Gifford, Steve Dewayne Cox, Christian Tanner and Renee Armstrong.

Deputies say sometimes it's easy to spot meth labs.

SGT James McQuaig with the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "They dispose of their waste and their byproducts from the manufacturing process a lot of times by dumping them into the yard. You'll see numbers of propane tanks, different types of Coleman fuel."

Other strange activity includes a strong chemical smell and a lot late-night activity.

SGT McQuaig added, "Anything that appears suspicious, or if you believe you know where a meth lab is, get on the phone and call us."

The Leon County Sheriff's Office had been investigating this residence for about two months, but it was when they arrived on Saturday evening to arrest Renee Armstrong on violation of probation that they found the evidence they needed for a meth bust.

More arrests are pending in that investigation.