Thomasville Woman Arrested For Possession Of Meth

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By: Emily Johnson
August 25, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Narcotics officers arrested 26-year-old Chelsey Anderson last week with possession and intent to sell the ice form of methamphetamine.

The Thomas County-Thomasville Narcotics/Vice Division told us they were tipped off that she would be at a parking lot on Smith Avenue in a Nissan Altima. They surrounded her vehicle and arrested Anderson. Officers found the rock candy looking drug inside of Anderson's bra and in the console of her car.

They said this form of meth is coming up from Mexico.

"You hear about all the arrest and money seizures up around Atlanta and different other large cities. Mexican nationals are bringing it in from Mexico and selling it in large quantities, so we're seeing it trickle back down to our communities," said Kevin Lee, Narcotics/Vice Commander.

Anderson was denied bond and is still in the Thomas County Jail.

The Narcotics/Vice Division said this form of meth has become more readily available in Thomasville and that cartels are finding they can make the drug for cheaper than buying it.

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