FCAT Scores and Student Futures

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Kevin McCaskill has a lot riding on his FCAT score, a four year college scholarship and a spot on the USF football squad.

Kevin said, "Starting position, coming down there and playing, working hard getting a free education."

McCaskill's mentor says there have been tense moments waiting for the scores.

DEP Jon Etheridge, McCaskill's mentor, said, "The University of Florida has offered him a scholarship. He signed it but it's to the point that you have to have that FCAT to pass, get through, get your diploma and move forward."

McCaskill's one of more 3,600 high school seniors in Leon County waiting to find out if he'll graduate. The waiting game also affects younger students who say they are nervous about getting their scores.

Karolyn Gillyard, a fourth grader at Pineview Elementary, said, "I think it's very kind of scary because you don't know what's gonna happen, if you're going to be passing or failing and getting held back."

Kevin McCaskill added, "You're always nervous taking the test because you do not want to take it over again. You want to get it out of the way."

It may be just a number, but for McCaskill, this number means the difference between a full college scholarship and a starting football position or a stay at a junior college.

Parents can check their child's FCAT scores online starting Wednesday. A spokesperson with the Department of Education says schools have already sent out a letter to parents with the necessary login and password.