Bright Future for College Grads

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If you're a college graduate looking to land that first job, stay positive. The chances of college grads landing that first job are a lot brighter than in years past.

"There's no question, they should be more optimistic. There are many more opportunities," said FSU Career Center Director Jeff Garis.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers there's a 14.5 percent expected increase in the number of college grads getting hired.

"For our local area we're really doing a good job as far as the universities and community college on making sure that employers are connecting with their students graduating and finding employment early on," said Kimberly Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Workforce Plus.

Aaron Adkins says he's proof. He walked across the stage just a few days ago, and even before then he was ready to walk into the real world.

"The graduation wasn't such a big deal for me. It was knowing that I had a guaranteed job. I'm going into the Air Force."

FSU's Career Center focuses on helping students land jobs. They say prospects are much better now than in years past.

"Just prior to graduating about 55 percent of them are settled in," said Garris.

In our area, jobs that are currently in demand include healthcare, IT, management and education.