Longtime Tallahassee Pharmacist Remembered

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Kathleen Baker was surrounded by family and friends Tuesday. She spent most of the day telling stories of she and her husband Wilmoth, who passed over the weekend.

"I missed him so much. When he passed away I said, 'oh, you left me, you left me here alone.' I just don't have the charisma that he had. I'll miss that part," said widow Kathleen Baker.

In January of last year, Baker's Pharmacy, founded in the late 50's, was demolished. It was one of the city's first black owned pharmacies.

"He probably did feel bad about that, and I'm just thinking about myself. I felt bad about it. It was gone down the drain, something you've worked hard for all those years."

Alexis McMillan and her mom Geraldine Roberts run the Economy Drug Store in Frenchtown. Growing up, McMillan recalls Mr. Baker as a second father.

"He was a good friend of my father’s, so I really appreciate that," said McMillan.

"I know that he was sick for a long time, and I figure that he is at rest and he is at peace. He was a good man," said Roberts.

Wilmoth Baker died after a series of health complications. Over the years he and his wife's pharmacy became a community staple: a resource for pharmacy interns, and a place some say where those in the community could come not only for medicine, but healing for the soul.

Funeral services for Wilmoth Baker are set for Saturday, 2 p.m. at the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee.