Accused Identity Thief Arrested Again

A man arrested last week for bilking an elderly couple out of more than $40,000 is back behind bars, accused of stealing another man's identity.

Deputies say within four days of his release from jail, 34-year-old Jaques Amilcar was back at it. They arrested him for stealing another man's Social Security number, buying four pricey cars at this southside car lot and getting bogus bank loans for every one of them.

DET Chris Coxwell of the Leon County Sheriff's Office Financial Crimes Unit, said, "We're talking probably $100,000. We've got, like I said, we've got four vehicles, one being a Jaguar, one being a Volvo SUV, a Ford pickup and a Cadillac."

Detectives expect to press even more charges against Amilcar as more victims step forward. But this time they say he won't be getting out of jail anytime soon. The native of Haiti will be turned over to immigration and could be deported instead.