Tallahassee Troops Overseas

Troops from across the Sunshine State are now heavily involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Many of those soldiers call the Capitol City home.

They are members of the 124th Infantry Division of the Florida National Guard.

They make up a group of young men committed to one another and our country. We've seen them ship off, prepare for battle and now the families they left behind pick up the story.

The call came the day after Christmas, Alpha Company was moving out. In February Eyewitness News caught up with the troop at Fort Stewart Georgia, preparing for battle.

Now less than two months later they are overseas fighting for freedom. Soldiers like Josh Odom who will celebrate his 21st birthday in Kuwait and miss his sister’s wedding defending America.

Since his son left Ft. Stewart, Randall Odom has gotten one phone call, and one letter.

Nancy Suber is also praying for their safe return. Her son 20-year-old Shane Suber is a part of Alpha Company. She's hasn't heard his voice in four weeks.

Soldiers like Josh Odom, Shane Suber and Karen Swain's husband, Jeff, make up the piece of Tallahassee that has been committed to the war.

Even though most of the young soldiers had never seen combat, they are the face of freedom.

We spoke to soldier Josh Mears’ family who said they talked to him just days before war broke out and he seemed to be in high spirits.