Mr. Mom Due to War

Thousands of families around our area have to deal with the deployment of loved ones to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

But, it's been a real learning experience for one family, because the mother is serving overseas, while dad is left to take care of everything at home.

Jordan Haines has been playing the role of Mr. Mom ever since his wife Donna deployed from Moody Air Force Base back in November.

"It’s been an experience to see her side of things and where she comes from and what she has to go through on a daily basis,” Haines explains.

Both Donna and Jordan retired from the Air Force back in 2000, but following Sept. 11, Donna felt the call to return to active duty.

Her children say they miss her, but are proud of the job she is doing in the Middle East.

And while both Kristin and Ryan are proud of their Mom, has been tough on them.

"We don't have Mom's home cooked meals, but we do get fed though, we do get fed!
But, it’s not the same thing as Mom's.”

Jordan says while playing both Mom and Dad for the kids has been tough, he knows it’s just a temporary assignment.

"It’s a lot easier when there is two people, but now with one, its quiet challenging, but we'll get through it,” says Haines.

All three family members are and relieve Dad of the extra duties he has picked up. The family does not know when Mom will return home, but when she days, Jordan Haines says the family will likely celebrate with a trip to Disney World.