Relief for Tornado Victims

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While their work goes on, leaders with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency are assessing the region's funding needs for the area to ensure every opportunity remains open.

HB Jones spent Wednesday afternoon sorting through what is left of his home.

Looking around he says, it's going to be a long road to recovery. But, once funding from the state is received, he hopes begin rebuilding his home on his property that was ravished by the storm.

Jones says, "Right now, I'm just trying to get everything situated where we can find somewhere to stay for the time being."

GEMA officials are still working to assess damages in the area, hoping to have a dollar figure for the victims soon. Since Tuesday, 256 families have registered to receive state assistance.

But, some wonder whether they will also be getting federal assistance.

"It's all about the people right here-we've been trying to find every bit of assistance and aid we can get for them, including volunteer organizations and state resources and like I said, we're just not closing any doors at this time,” Gary Rice of GEMA says.

Rice says there are federal thresholds that have to be met before receiving federal funding.

And GEMA is exploring every avenue, hoping to get as much funding for the people who need it the most.

The latest report from GEMA totals 265 homes and businesses damaged, more than 60 of those were totally destroyed.