Supporting Our Troops

At Thomasville’s Singletary florists, employee's say they're thumbs aren't turning green, but more like yellow as they begin to snip and cut yet another bulk of this popular yellow ribbon.

"This last week, we sold out of ribbon and had to order 12 more bulks and we have 60 on file for bows,” Jim Singletary says.

Demand is so high, Jim says he's had to re-order extra bulks daily just to accommodate. There's now a waiting list for this yellow silky stuff, but ribbon seeker Marie Franklin says she doesn't mind the wait at all.

"I am going to put them on my tree and it is super that we are supporting our troops,” Franklin shares.

It's a cause that's being fought miles away, but appreciated by many across town. Just take a look at this intersection on Broad Street.

And from towns across the peach state, to the many men and woman fighting for our country, ribbon-by-ribbon, we salute you.

The yellow phenomenon can be dated as far back as 1838 in poems from England.