Fraternity Brothers Appeal Dismissal

Two of the FAMU students accused of hazing are back on campus today appealing their dismissals from school.

Five Kappa Alpha Psi brothers were kicked out of FAMU after they were arrested and accused of beating a pledge so badly he needed stitches and surgery.

Jason Harris was the first of the Kappas to appeal. He and his attorney arrived on campus Thursday morning to try to convince an ad hoc committee to overturn his dismissal.

Harris is one of five Kappa Alpha Psi brothers accused of taking pledge Marcus Jones to an abandoned warehouse and beating him with canes until he passed out. He later required stitches and surgery. Criminal charges are still pending and more arrests are possible.

What's at stake this day is not guilt or innocence, but the fraternity brothers' academic future.

FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross, lead sheriff's department investigator Bryce Google and FAMU attorney Elizabeth McBride were all there for the administrative hearings which will continue Friday and Monday.

The FAMU general counsel has not returned our calls for comment today. No word on when FAMU will make a decision on the appeals, if that will happen after each individual hearing or if it'll announce its decisions after all of them are complete.