Septic Tank Companies Stop Pumping

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Leon County resident Francelle Johnson is having problems with her septic tank.

Francelle said, "The line needs draining, the water's backing up in the kitchen and the bathroom. I can't wash and I can't until the drain is fixed, and it's hard to get someone to come out and do it."

And she's not alone. Trucks at many local septic tank companies are sitting idle in response to Tallahassee's waste dump out hike increasing from two cents to seven cents a gallon.

The protesting companies have no plans to begin pumping until the increase is flushed.

Dennis Smith of D&J Septic Tank said, "We could just all go up this much money and they would pay it and they would grumble, but they'd pay it and life would go on. But somebody needs to stop it."

The rate increase was originally supposed to be retroactive for the month of April, but in a letter to companies the city moved the start date back to June 1.

Michelle Bono, Tallahassee Assistant to the City Manager, said, "When people call us because some people are calling the city to say, ok who's still doing this, let us know if you want to be on that list. We've made a list we got five or six companies that are still pumping."

With no plans in the city to repeal the rate hike and many septic companies not pumping until they do so, many like Francelle Johnson are left waiting for relief.