Anna Johnson to Receive Award

This weekend, longtime WCTV anchor Anna Johnson will be given the Spirit of Youth Award for her many efforts to help children.

Girls and Boys Town will present that award. The organization helps thousands of abandoned and abused children.

Family teachers like Tahicha and Rickey Hubbard help children ages 10 to 18 learn what it's like to be a family. They host seven boys in their home and work on everything from discipline and homework to cooking and conversation.

Tahicha Hubbard said, "We feel like we give them these skills they need so when they move out on their own they already have them in place. So we really try to emphasize family at Girls and Boys Town."

Rickey Hubbard, a family teacher, added, "I came up from a family of 10, and I'm the baby, so I know what it means to be a big family, and this is what we have here is a large family."

Two of the young men at Girls and Boys Town will be joining Anna Johnson at the "Spirit of Youth" Gala Saturday night.

Anna is this year's award winner primarily for her efforts to get foster children adopted.

The "Spirit of Youth" Award is a way of saying thank you to those who go the extra mile to offer help and hope to children.