New Autopsy Brings Drastically Different Results

It concludes the 14-year-old suffocated after guards at the Bay County Boot Camp placed their hands over his mouth and shoved ammonia tablets up his nose. The new autopsy boosts the family's confidence that those involved will be brought to justice.

It has been 49 days since Martin Lee Anderson’s body was exhumed for a second autopsy. New findings say the 14-year-old died from being suffocated when guards put their hands over his mouth and administered ammonia tablets, all while a nurse watched.

Attorney Ben Crump is traveling, but in a brief phone conversation he said the tape did not lie.

Florida’s black lawmakers had already called reporters to complain about a lack of justice in the case when we told them the autopsy report’s conclusions.

Sen. Skip Campbell, (D) Tamarac, said, “We now have something that’s solid evidence and now you’ve got to look at the solid evidence and put two and two together and come up with the proper charges.”

The lawmakers and others are now calling on the governor to suspend the medical examiner Charles Siebert, who originally concluded that Martin Anderson died from sickle cell trait.