Local Business Impacted by War

Home Depot

As we are all finding out this war thousands of miles from our shores is touching each one of us chances are good most of you probably know someone who has been called to active duty.

Those answering Uncle Sam's call are family members, friends and co-workers. One local business is three people short because those employees are now fighting for the freedom of Iraq.

Home Depot in Tallahassee has three employees who are now involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

One of the employees left behind is actually the father of a soldier from Tallahassee’s own alpha company. James Mears spends his days helping others find the perfect tool to improve their home, while his son, Josh is helping liberate the Iraqi people. Josh is a member of the Florida National Guards, 124th Infantry Unit, Alpha Company.

We first met him in Ft. Stewart Georgia preparing for battle now he is somewhere between Basra and Baghdad. in a letter home Josh had this to say:

The chemical threat here is very real. Already Iraq is preparing scuds for attack. On the eve of this war, I am grateful to have loving parents.

Like father like son, jams himself was a member of the Florida National Guard before his son left for Ft. Stewart, James passed along one final word of fatherly advice …

"I told him keep your head down, stay low and move fast in the right direction is the only way to survive this thing."

Josh is one of three Home Depot employees called to active duty. In his own words he wrote this:

Tell folks that if they wonder what they can do for me while I am here, go to church and continue to pray for me and the other soldiers.

Also in his letter Josh told his father to tell everyone at Home Depot hi.

Tim Fletcher and Kevin Peirce are also Home Depot employees serving their country.