Troop Bibles Being Printed Locally

About 150,000 camouflage Bibles will soon be on their way to troops in the Middle East.
The American Bible Society in partnership with the pentagon put a rush on the order and chose a Florida printer.

When many men and women shipped out to face the unknown, they packed their Bibles. For those who didn't, rose printing in Tallahassee has their presses rolling overtime.

The nationally known small book printer is running 150,000 pocket sized camouflage covered Bibles. The camouflage is the idea of the American Bible Society and the Pentagon.

Company president Charles Rosenberg says the job has made his staff proud.

From previous wars there are stories of Bibles stopping bullets and saving lives. For those now in combat seeking solace, help is on the way.

The Bibles will ship out overseas from Virginia next week.