Family Hopes New Autopsy Results Will Lead to Arrests

Results of a second autopsy say the 14-year-old died from suffocation. The family spoke at their lawyer's office in Tallahassee Friday evening about how relieved they are that the second autopsy confirmed their son's death was not due to a medical condition.

They are now waiting for criminal charges to be filed. The second autopsy of Martin Lee Anderson says he died due to the actions of boot camp guards, and that they covered his mouth with their hands, forcing him to breathe ammonia, suffocating him.

Benjamin Crump, the family attorney, said, "Thank God Dr. Adams confirmed what we all knew the truth that that first autopsy that said their child died of natural cause as a result of a sickle cell trait was not true."

Gina Jones, the victim's mother, said, "The truth is out. We all knew how Martin passed away, so I'm relieved and happy today."

Parents of Martin Lee Anderson say they received a phone call from Gov. Bush once the report was released.

Gina Jones said, "He apologized to me and told me how sorry he was for what happened to my baby."

Lawmakers are now calling for charges against the guards and the removal of Bay County medical examiner Dr. Charles Siebert, who performed the first autopsy and maintains Anderson died because sickle cell trait.

Robert Anderson said, "He can do what he wants to do. It don't surprise me no more what he's going to do next. The truth is out now my baby was murdered in the boot camp and he tried to cover it up."

Attorney Benjamin Crump says the new autopsy report has given the family new faith that the state will find justice for their son.

Benjamin Crump said, "For somebody to be held accountable for the death, it would have to be based on the official cause of death from the state."

A lawyer for one of the guards present when the teen was beaten says he knows what's coming next and predicts a witch hunt, as state prosecutors will now look into filing criminal charges.