Firearm Safety

"Project Child Safe" made a stop in Tallahassee, all to promote firearm safety. The non-profit organization travels the country handing out free gun locks.

Members of the organization say the gun locks will fit almost any firearm. Over the past four years they've handed out 11 million gun locks.

Linda Corrow with Project Child Safe said, "A child and a gun don't mix, so if you're going to own a firearm, be a responsible owner, lock the gun up."

Thomas Pullen, a responsible gun owner, said, "I have children, my little brother comes through the house and just in case anyone gets a hold of the gun I wouldn't like to get a hold of it, they can't fire it or anything."

The Leon County Sheriff's Office will be out again with "Project Child Safe," handing out free gun locks Monday at the Wal-Mart on Apalachee Parkway.