Decreasing Juvenile Crime

Gadsden County officials hosted the 10th annual Juvenile Justice Council Thursday to find solutions in reducing delinquency and crime in the county.

16-year-old Queniton Winbush from Gadsden County, said he has seen his fair share of crime in Gadsden county. He says there is a simple solution, "I think they should throw the guns and knives away."

Capt. Robert Barkley, Gadsden County Sheriff, said, "We're concerned about the over representation of juveniles in the criminal justice system. We feel we had to do something to educate them about the criminal justice system and some of the diversion programs."

The sheriff's department and various organizations set up booths to educate the public both on fighting crime and curbing the spread of aids.

Gadsden County's director of Family and Community Education says the key to helping these young people stay out of trouble starts at home.

Many hope meetings like this will help find solutions to ensure a safe environment for teens like Quieniton.