Mother Nature Leaves Path of Destruction

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Big oak trees snapped in half, one even falling on top of a mobile home. All this, and hurricane season is still weeks away.

All along W.W. Kelly Road off Highway 27 in Tallahassee residents were shocked at the destruction. Some say they saw what looked like a funnel cloud blow by.

"I just heard a loud pop, so I ran into the door and I saw the transformer, so I just sat back on the couch and I look up, heard a big boom and I look up and the ceiling was caving in," said Heather Bramblett.

Deanna Montgomery was nearly in tears as she looked at the fallen tree on top of her late great grandmother's mobile home.

"I was born in Kansas when I lived there we had several tornado warnings, but then what I saw today was more than anything I saw in Kansas."

The winds were so powerful one man had a storage shed that was literally knocked off its foundation. No injuries were reported, but all of these residents are now without power and in the dark.

One woman said both of her parents are disabled, and her cousin who is in a coma is on oxygen, and right now that woman is not getting oxygen because there is simply no electricity.