Drug Bust

Two people are in the Lowndes County jail Thursday night, charged with trafficking cocaine.

Deputies say they caught them with five kilos of the drug hidden in their vehicle.

Deputies targeted the suspects when they noticed the truck because the driver could
not stay in his lane of south bound I-75. That traffic stopped to a halt the two were arrested and according to Sheriff Ashley Paulk, it helps put a dent in America’s drug problem.

A Lowndes County deputy pulled this ford pick up truck over on this stretch of I-75, just north of the Lake Park exit. Authorities say inside were two nervous people, which caused the deputy to look for things out of the ordinary.

Deputies say this is the five kilos of cocaine that was stashed in the truck. The driver, identified as 24-year-old Omar Sanchez, originally told deputies that he was driving to south Florida but he didn't know why.

Riding along with Sanchez and also charged with trafficking drugs, was 19-year-old Mirza Olvera.

And like may of the drug cases the Lowndes County sheriff's office uncovers, this one will be turned over to federal authorities.