Support Our Troops Day

Americans from every corner of our country are remembering our troops overseas and here at home it is support our troops day

In Florida, messages of patriotism are being displayed in the form of flags, signs, and yellow ribbons.

A grass roots campaign slated Friday as Support Our Troops Day. And even though many people didn't know it was Support Our Troops Day, that doesn't mean they weren't showing their American pride.

The boys of mighty muffler work on cars day in and day out, but the work of our troops overseas is never far from their mind.

The sign reads the minds of these mechanics, as do dozens of other's across the capital city. Each spelling out support for our soldiers.

"We are proud to be Americans and proud of our troops,” says Mighty Muffler employee Brian Clore.

While some use words others use supplies to build up our troops, sending care packages to the men and women fighting for freedom.

People can drop off supplies at the Florida National Guard on Capital Circle. While we were working on the story people were dropping off things. And the number one item to send is food.