National Nurses' Week

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It's the largest health care profession in Florida, and nurses say it's more than a job; it's a commitment.

Toni Johns, a registered nurse, said, "Nursing comes from within. I think it's a very special profession. People who get into nursing do it because they care and they want to help people."

And last hurricane season proved it with nurses working in shelters helping the elderly, disabled, and those with special needs.

Nancy Humbert, Florida Public Health Nursing Director, said, "When an evacuation is called, our nurses are staffing to provide the care for these people that are so much in need during that time both in terms of providing physical care, but also emotional support."

The more than 160,000 registered nurses in Florida may work in different environments, but they say they all work to provide the best care for Floridians.

Dr. Joseph Chiaro of the Florida Department of Health said, "Nurses are the bedside champion. They know what is going on with the patient. They are the key to great health care in this country."

And whether it's an operation room, a disaster site or an evacuation shelter, Florida nurses say they'll be there combining their skill and knowledge to become the ultimate work force.