Two Arrested in Meth Lab Bust

Two men are now under arrest, accused of cooking up methamphetamines in a Tallahassee trailer. One of the men returned home while deputies were still on scene Monday night. The other saw the bust on the 11 o'clock news and decided to turn himself in.

Deputies stormed a trailer off Crossway Road Monday night, followed by men clad in protective suits and masks. Out, they say, came all the makings of a meth lab.

CAPR Rob Swearingen of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "We don't really know right now exactly what amount of methamphetamine they were producing, but from the looks of the chemicals it was not a small lab."

Two men are now under arrest, 37-year-old Screven Griffiss and 25-year-old Danny Somers. They both face multiple felonies for making meth and possessing the chemicals to do so.

Investigators say the two have been making and possibly selling meth out of the trailer for a couple months. Neighbors can't believe it.

Robin Antill, a neighbor, said, "I was shocked. I was very shocked. They hadn't been here maybe going on two months. They were a young couple, you know, they had no more traffic coming in here than any of the other trailers."

This is the second meth lab bust in Leon County in just two weeks and deputies say they're seeing more and more of them in neighborhoods near you.

SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "It's a trend we're starting to see. It's not just contained to a rural area where you might have a farmhouse or something out in the woods. These are actually in neighborhoods."

Griffiss and Somers are being held without bond at the Leon County Jail, and deputies say they're still looking for at least one other suspect.