Lowndes Judicial Complex

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As big and beautiful as it is, officials say it simply can't live up to today's judicial needs.

"Our current courthouse just is not able to handle the demands of more space, the electronics and so on that are needed in today's courtrooms," says county manager Joe Pritchard.

Judge Arthur McLane agrees, "We've outgrown our facility. The facilities were built for a number of years ago. They've served their function very well."

About 12 years ago, Lowndes County started looking into the possibility of building another judicial complex, but at the time commissioners chose to put the idea on the back burner.

Pritchard says, "This commission came in and they began to look at that particular piece of property and the need to have, not only administrative space, but also judicial needs."

A lot on North Ashley Street will eventually be the site of the new judicial complex, a complex that will house additional courtrooms and more office space.

Judge McLane says, "According to the latest figures I'm aware of, there's over 1,900 cases per judge per year."

And that's why, officials say, this new 1$4.5 million complex is so necessary.

As for the funding, Pritchard says the county borrowed the money a while back and it will not affect residents.

Pritchard says, "We believe that we will be able to repay that based on our financial position and we're not expecting that to affect the taxes."

Construction on the new complex is expected to begin towards the end of summer.