As National Market Slows, Big Bend Real Estate Rolls Along

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You don't have too look far to find new houses going up, but could our eyes be deceiving us, or are there still buyers in Tallahassee?

Local builders say yes.

Robby Hartfield, VP of the Tallahassee Builders Association, said, "Everybody that I know of that's in the building industry is busy, just about as busy as they've been in the past few years."

Nationwide, real estate analysts say the housing market is slowing down, but the Big Bend area appears to be in the minority.

Local realtors say there's many reasons for the steady market.

Gary Bartlett, a broker/associate for Turner Properties, said, "We are insulated by state government. We have community colleges and universities and hospitals here. It's still a calling card to come to the north Florida area to live for many, many people."

And not only are homes still selling, local builders said the market may even be warming up.

Hartfield added, "We had more houses sell in the month of March than we did in 2005, so everything and every indication we have is everything's still going strong."

It’s good news to local builders and realtors, as it appears the Big Bend will continue to buck the national trend.