Teen Report: MySpace Dangers

Aarum Youn is a frequent MySpace user. The Web site is one of several blogs teens are using to keep in touch with friends, post pictures, and a whole lot more.

Aarum says, "It's a chance for you to meet new friends and people and it's kind of a way to show you're creative."

But experts say the use of MySpace and other online blogs may expose users to unsuspecting dangers such as sex predators.

Courtney Asztalos says, "Don't put my personal information like when I'm going out, when I'm getting home, where I live. I'm very careful about that because now days in a modern day society you have to be worried about sexual predators."

It’s forcing some school officials to take action.

Even administrators at Lincoln are concerned of Myspace's dangers.

Many MySpacers use the site to post personal information, a great source for pedophiles.

"Blogs are now used as open diaries for the world to read, and I think that people need to be a lot safer."

MySpace officials are warning teens not to post personal information such as where they live, work, or go to school.

MySpace.com boasts a membership of more than 63 million; 250,00 of those are reportedly under the age of 16.