Lawsuit Settled, FCAT Graders Credentials to Be Disclosed

It's part of a just-reached settlement.

Senate Democratic leader Les Miller of Tampa and Senator "Skip'' Campbell of Tamarac filed suit against the state, questioning the workers' qualifications.

The temporary workers were hired by a state contractor to grade written answers and essays.

Cathy Schroeder of the Florida Department of Education said, “This is nothing more than some politically motivated scam to derail the FCAT. Last week we just announced scores and our students are learning more than ever. We wouldn’t even be able to measure that if it wasn’t for the FCAT, so we hope that this will be the end of the political witch hunt for now when it comes to the FCAT.”

As part of the settlement, the Florida Department of Education will turn over FCAT graders' information on or before May 26. That will include their academic credentials, but will remove their names, addresses, telephone and Social Security numbers.