Local Dentist Loses License, Under Investigation

The Florida Department of Health has issued an emergency suspension to stop Live Oak dentist Dr. John P. Craig from writing prescriptions.

Fernando Senra, Florida Department of Health spokesperson, said, "We believe that he allegedly was prescribing medications inappropriately to patients and to members of his family."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says it has been investigating Craig for a couple of months after receiving information that he may have been illegally prescribing an excessive amount of controlled substances, painkillers, sedatives and muscle relaxants. Craig's Live Oak and Lake City offices were both searched.

Phil Kiracofe adds, "Some dental records were seized from the office to further the investigation; to look and see whether or not these prescriptions were ordered properly or not."

A Department of Health report shows during a two-year period, Dr. Craig prescribed more than 1,027 pain pills, 425 sedatives, and more than 1,300 muscle relaxants, a total of 97 prescriptions just for patient M.C.

Patient M.C. is Dr. Craig's wife. The report shows he did this for other relatives, neighbors, employees, and even himself.

Phil adds, "No arrest has been made, but that could come at a later date. At this point it is too premature to say."

The investigation is ongoing. Dr. Craig's license to practice will be suspended until further notice.