New Emergency Room

Tallahassee Memorial unveiled its new $27 million Bixler Emergency Center Monday.
It boasts more room, more privacy, and one of the only ER CAT scans in the country.

It's been years in the making, and now Tallahassee Memorial's new emergency center is just two weeks from accepting its first patient.

The Bixler Emergency Center was dedicated Monday morning. Guests toured an ER that is more than three times the size of the old one.

About 37,000 square-feet divided into three distinct care areas, one for children, one for those with relatively minor injuries or illnesses, and yet another for trauma patients who may need CAT scans, surgery and more.

Emergency Room Dr. Draper has been working in for the past 10 years. The new ER will do away with these cramped quarters. It'll have 51 exam rooms instead of 27. Some rooms are specially designed for rape victims, and in this age of chemical and biological terror, there are rooms that can decontaminate up to 10 people per hour.

The new emergency center will be open to the public April 16 at 7 a.m. and patients will be able to park in a new parking garage right out front.