Septic Services Still Not Pumping

The septic service protest continues and the companies involved say they don't plan on budging until the dumping fee increase is knocked down.

Friday marked eight days since at least 20 septic services stopped pumping septic tanks and grease traps.

And they say they won't resume pumping until Tallahassee reconsiders its 300 percent hike in dumping fees.

"I don't have any intentions of putting my truck back to work, not til the city says they're going to put it back like it was,” comments Buddy Womble, who is boycotting the city fee increase.

The city sent a letter to the septic services last week, apologizing for the lack of advance notification and moved the fee effective date to June 1, rather than the initial date of April.

'That's not going to help the consumer, is that letter they sent me going to help pay that extra $100, if it is I'll have a bunch of em’ run off this afternoon,” Womble adds.

The city admitted it was a big increase, but claims it's only fair.

There's been no rate increase in 10 years, for dumping fees or sewer rates, and both are going up.

"At this time we feel like the cost is based on actual costs which we need to collect so costs of treatment and disposal of sewage is fairly allocated,” says General Manager of City Water Utility James Oskowis.

Oskowsis says the city is still planning to implement the increase June 1.