U.S. Senator Bill Nelson Has Concerns About the War

Florida Senator Bill Nelson supports the war against Iraq, but he worries it could turn into a lengthy conflict that will take a heavy financial and personal toll on the U.S.

Nelson says congress isn't getting enough information about how much the war will cost over the long term. He is also concerned about spending for security on the home front.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson came to the state capitol to listen to lawmaker's concerns about the war and the home front.

Nelson serves on the senate armed services and foreign relations

Committees, and he is worried the war may turn even more deadly.

Saddam Hussein is going to retreat back into Baghdad with his troops and then he's going to say come and get me and that's when it's going to get tough.

But Nelson has confidence in U.S. troops. And while they're taking care of business, he wants them to take care of some unfinished business, locating lt. Commander Scott Speicher.

Speicher's plane was shot down during the first gulf war. And nelson now believes he's still alive.

At the top of our priority list, our commanders as we go into Iraq, we're going to be looking for Scott Speicher

He also believes the federal government should be providing more money to states for homeland security, including beefed-up resources at Florida’s 14 deepwater ports.

Not just guards, but things like frogmen, things like badging systems, things like constant patrols Senator Nelson said he is concerned the U.S. may be overly relying on national guard and reserve troops. Many of these soldiers are police officers, firefighters and medics, and their absence puts an added strain on homeland security

Nelson says the U.S. must significantly increase its active-duty military forces to meet the future needs of the country, and the world.

Senator Bill Nelson says he will soon be going to china to try to help resolve the world's other big crisis, North Korea's nuclear threats.