Gum Road Transfer Station Opens

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Residents near the transfer station fought hard to keep this day from coming. But they lost a court fight.

Meanwhile, across town people who live near the landfill are ready to see it phased out.

With the toss of a few ceremonial trash bags Leon County’s new trash transfer station is open. It was odor-free cardboard for a demonstration, but soon bulldozers will push trash into compacter and tractor-trailers will haul it to a landfill in Jackson County.

“It's a transfer station, it's a completely enclosed building. We control hours of operation, how it operates, we're committed to making this a first class operation,” says Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff.

As the Leon County Landfill ran out of space, no one else wanted a full-fledged dump near their neighborhood.

Barbara Coxwell has lived near the landfill for a year and says that's all she could take.

“I have a little granddaughter and when she comes over she holds her nose and says gramma you've got to move to a new house,” Coxwell comments.

The county promises the new transfer station is no new dump. They say trash won't even spend the night here.