Humane Society Dog Wash

Any given weekend driving around the city you're bound to see dozens of car washes, but how about a dog wash? The Leon County Humane Society held a dog wash fundraiser Saturday afternoon.

For seven dollars pet owners could sit back and relax as Fido got cleaned from head to toe, and organizers say you can't beat the price!

Melissa Abernathy, Program Director with the Leon County Humane Society, said, "This is the cheapest dog wash in town, it really is! You come in, bring your dog on a leash, volunteers take it from you, get it all clean. Dip it if you'd like, help you get them dry. It's a good deal!

The dog wash is held at the Humane Society on Timberlane Road every second Saturday of the month from now until September.

Fundraisers like the dog wash are crucial because the Humane Society is funded by 100 percent donations.