Summer Camp Options

Once the last bell rings, thousands of children will be fending for themselves on summer vacation. A vacation for the kids is not always a vacation for their parents.

With summer right around the corner, Ladonna Johnson, a mother of three, is planning ahead. She's wasting no time trying to find activities to keep her children busy while they are out of school.

She says, "The younger one, she'll be with me. I work at a local elementary school and she'll be in the Stars Program this summer, and the 13-year-old, she'll probably come with me this summer."

Mrs. Johnson feels she is lucky to work in the school system and says that allows her more options when it comes to making summer plans for her children, but some parents are left stressing over what to do with their children while they're at work.

Trish Hanson, Director of Development at the Mary Brogan Museum, says, "We have a great response this year for camp. I want to say we've even had parents calling middle to end of March requesting materials, wanting to know what our camp sessions are going to be."

William Large, a parent of two, says, "The kids keep you buys and to keep them busy we've got to plan ahead. We're thinking of taking our kids to swim camp, karate lessons for my son, soccer lessons for my son."

The weeks until summer vacation will quickly tick away, and parents like Ladonna Johnson are breathing a little easier knowing plans for her children this summer are already made.