Three Unconfirmed Deadly Gator Attacks in Florida

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Alligators may be to blame for three deadly attacks in Florida in the past week, with women found dead near Gainesville and St. Pete, as well as in Fort Lauderdale.

Officials with Florida's Fish and Wildlife Commission have been slammed with calls, all requesting information on the attacks.

"We have three cases that are still under investigation. There are local and state investigators working on those cases and we are also working closely with the medical examiners on their reports and findings," says Willie Puz, spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Animal curator Mike Jones says the possibility of there being three alligator related fatalities so close together is unusual.

"I think there are about 15 attacks a year of alligators on humans in the state of Florida, and a fatality occurs maybe every couple of years," says Jones.

Autopsy results on these most recent attacks will not be available for a number of weeks.

FWC officials say, in Florida, there have been 17 confirmed fatal attacks by the alligators in the previous 58 years.