Remerton Noise Issue

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Remerton is a city known for its crowds, bars, and late nights. But some residents are now saying enough is enough.

Remerton resident Lindsay Jones says, "When the picture above my head is banging against the wall so hard I'm afraid it's going to fall on my head, the noise is too loud."

Remerton Mayor Peggi Siefert says, "We've had some interest on both sides with our bar owner's establishments as well as our residents in regards to issues with the noise ordinance."

The City of Remerton decided to hold a public opinion meeting to hear from people on both sides of the issue. Many residents all agreed on one thing: What they didn't like.

Several apartment owners showed up and said that the loud noise from the bars is hurting their rental business. But bar owners are having a hard time understanding when and how the problem started.

While the city made no official agreements, several bar owners offered to make whatever changes they thought would help keep the noise level down.