Re-Entry Passes on the Way for Hurricane Season

Local officials are finding ways to keep looters out of coastal communities during hurricane evacuations.

Taylor county emergency management will issue re-entry passes for this year's hurricane season to home owners and renters of the county's coastal communities.

During hurricane evacuations, this will allow residents to return to their homes without hassle. And keep those out who aren't supposed to be there.

George Stamos, Keaton Beach Resident, said, "When we had the storm in 1993, there were people coming in and looting. It was difficult for homeowners to get back in. We have a very small law enforcement agency, our sheriff's department in the county, they had a hard time trying to cover the whole area."

The color-coded passes will either be a hanger for residents' car rear view mirror or a sticker for the windshield.

Emergency management hopes to have them registered and issued sometime next month.

The 2006 hurricane season begins June 1.